Histological changes in kidney structure following a long – term administration of paracetamol (acetaminophen) in pregnant sprague dawley rats.

  • R.E Ucheya
  • J.C Igweh
Keywords: Over-the-Counter-mixture, paracetamol, kidney toxicity, Pregnancy.


Histological changes in kidney structure following paracetamol administration in pregnant Sprague - Dawley rats were studied. 10 Sprague-Dawley rats divided into five animals per group were used for the study. They were divided into two groups (A and B). Group A served as a control group, while group B received 7.3mgx3/kg/day of paracetamol from 10th day of gestation till the 13th day after parturition. The drug was administered by gavage. They were allowed free access to feed and water ad libitum. The maternal rats were then sacrificed for tissue processing. Three deaths were recorded amongst the maternal rats in the paracetamol treated group during parturition and a prolonged gestation period was also observed in the same animals while two maternal rats had a normal gestation period and a safe parturition. Histopathology results of the maternal control animals showed normal kidney architecture (very minimal capsular spaces and rounded glomeruli intimately surrounded by the Bowman’s capsule). Two of the paracetamol treated maternal rats that had a safe parturition at the end of the normal gestation period and showed vascular congestion and glomeruli haemorrhage, while one of the maternal rats that had prolonged gestation period (44 days) with signs of abnormally high bleeding during parturition showed higher degree of kidney derangement which was evidenced by shrunken glomerulus’s plus droplets in the tubules, vascular congestion, haemorrhage and tubular necrosis. These findings reflect derangement of kidney architecture. The results suggest that paracetamol though considered safe at a considerable low dose especially in pregnant state, could cause kidney derangement during pregnancy.

Keywords: Over-the-Counter-mixture: paracetamol, kidney toxicity, Pregnancy

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