The effect of cement dust exposure on haematological and liver function parameters of cement factory workers in Sokoto, Nigeria

  • F.B.O Mojiminiyi
  • I.A Merenu
  • M.T.O Ibrahim
  • C.H Njoku
Keywords: Cement dust exposure, haematologic parameters, liver function tests.


This study measured haematological and liver function parameters in workers occupationally exposed to cement dust in order to test the hypothesis that cement dust exposure may perturb these functions. Assessment of haematological parameters and liver function were performed in 23 workers occupationally exposed to cement dust
(mean years of exposure = 9.6± 1.5 years) and 46 matched unexposed controls. The haemoglobin concentration (P< 0.001) and packed cell volume (P< 0.02) of exposed workers were significantly lower and the platelet (P<0.01) and white cell counts (P< 0.05) were significantly higher than in the unexposed workers. There was no significant
difference in the total granulocyte and lymphocyte/monocyte counts. The liver function parameters remained similar in the exposed workers compared to the unexposed except serum aspartate aminotransferase and alkaline phosphatase activities which were significantly lower (P<0.05). These results suggest that occupational exposure to
cement dust may perturb haemopoietic function while preserving liver function.

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eISSN: 0794-859X