Preliminary study on the effects of Buchholzia coriacea seed extract on male reproductive parameters in rats

  • OO Obembe
  • SA Onasanwo
  • Y Raji
Keywords: Buchholzia coriacea, antifertility, epididymis, testes, sperm


Summary: The effects of methanol extract of Buchholzia coriacea seed was studied on male reproductive system of albino rats. Administration of 200mg/kg b.w.(p.o.) of the extract for 6 weeks resulted in significant reduction (P.0.05) in the weight of the epididymis and seminal vesicle, but not the testes and prostate gland. Also the weight of the visceral organs- lungs, liver, heart and kidney were unaffected. A marked decrease (P.0.05) in sperm motility and volume was also observed in sperm collected from the caudal epididymis of the treated animals. Sperm count and morphology were not significantly affected (P.0.05). Total tissue protein of the epididymis and testes of the treated rats was significantly increased (P.0.05) and fertility was zero in the treated rats. Histological section showed that the epididymal ducts were mostly empty, though the epithelial lining appeared normal. There were fewer spermatozoa and late stage spermatids in the testes, with normal testicular epithelium. The results suggest that the extract of Buchholzia coriacea may have antifertility effects in male rats, the site of action most probably the epididymis.

Keywords: Buchholzia coriacea, antifertility, epididymis, testes, sperm.


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eISSN: 0794-859X