Influence of Sociodemographic Factors on Job Burnout and Satisfaction among Eritrean Medical Workers.

  • Z Allam
  • K.T Harish


Background: Job dissatisfaction and burn out are not an uncommon
occurrences among hospital workers. The two phenomena may be related
to each other and to demographic variables. Aim: The present investigation was planned to determine the influence of job burnout, sex, age and marital status on job satisfaction among medical personnel.
Method: The sample consisted of 120 employees working in hospitals of
Eritrea, Asmara, North East Africa, selected randomly. Job satisfaction
scale developed by Singh (1987) and Maslach and Jackson (1981) job
burnout inventory were administered to collect the data .The data were
analyzed using means, standard deviations and students’ ‘t’ test. Result: The results revealed that (i) low job burnout employees showed greater degree of job satisfaction than high job burnout employees (ii) female medical personnel showed significantly greater degree of job satisfaction than male counterparts (iii) younger group of employees showed significantly higher level of job satisfaction than older employees and, (iv) married employees found significantly more job satisfaction than their unmarried counterparts. Conclusion: The study suggested that the improvement in opportunities to grow, salary and working conditions
would help increase the level of job satisfaction of medical personnel.

Key Words: Job Satisfaction; Job Burnout; Satisfier; Dissatisfiers, Eritrea


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eISSN: 0189-1774