Association Between Use of Tobacco and Age on Graying of Hair

  • R Sabharwal
  • A Gupta
  • N Moon
  • A Mahendra
  • V Sargaiyan
  • A Gupta
  • SK Subudhi
  • S Gupta
Keywords: Graying of hair, risk multiplication factor, smoking


Aims and Objectives: To determine the association between smoking, chewing tobacco (gutka), and age of individual on graying of hair. Materials and Methods: The present study was conducted on 120 patients attending the Outpatient Department of the DJ College of Dental Sciences and Research, Modinagar, UP. The individuals were classified into four groups (group I, II, III, IV) on the basis of the form of tobacco use (smoking or chewing). The Pearson correlation coefficient was utilized to find the correlation between the mean percentage of individuals with gray hair, risk multiplication factor (RMF), and age of the individual. Results: Mean percentage of individual with gray hair and RMF (r = 0.6487) are found to be positively associated. A significant and positive correlation was observed between the age of the individual and the frequency of individuals with gray hair. Conclusion: This study suggests that there is a significant association between tobacco use and aging on graying of hair.

Keywords: Graying of hair, risk multiplication factor, smoking


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eISSN: 1117-6806
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