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Revisit of Nasolabial flap in the reconstruction of defects involving the oral floor

Rohan Suhas Bhambar, Mohan Baliga, Ashish Kumar, Sudhir Jagannathan, Harsh Kumar, Rammohan Kumar, Prenit Pokhrel, Harkanwal Preet Singh


Aim: The aim of this article is to present the usefulness of the nasolabial flap (NL flap) along with a detailed review of the factors that lead to its selection for the reconstruction of post-ablative oral floor defects. Materials and Methods: The records of patients who underwent the procedure between June 2009 and June 2011 were retrospectively analyzed. A total of 16 reconstructive procedures were performed. NL flap was selected for reconstruction in all the cases due patient related factors mainly associated medical comorbidities, resource constraints, and the relatively small size of defects, which precluded the use of free flaps. Results: None of the flaps were lost, 26% of patients had flap related complications. Most of the complications were minor and managed conservatively. Conclusion: Data from this study suggest that NL flap is a reliable option for reconstruction of the oral floor, in form as well as function, without esthetic compromise and has a major role even in this era of free flaps.

Keywords: Floor of mouth defects, local flaps, nasolabail flap, oral cavity defects, reconstruction, regional flaps
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