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The Role of Antibiotic Prophylaxis in Lichtenstein Repair of Primary Inguinal Hernia: A Prospective Double‑Blind Randomized Placebo‑Controlled Trial

Sudhir Kumar Jain
Tariq Hameed
Dhruv Jain
Mohak Singh
Adiba Nizam


Objective: The objective is to study the role of antibiotic prophylaxis, if any, in the prevention of wound infection after open mesh repair of primary inguinal hernias. Materials and Methods: Patients coming to outpatient department for open mesh repair of inguinal hernia were randomized into the placebo group and antibiotic group, a total of 150 patients were enrolled in the study. Follow-up was done up to 1 month to look for any evidence of surgical site infection using the criteria of Centers for Disease Control on wound infection. Results: Twelve patients in the antibiotic group and nine patients in the placebo group were found to have evidence of surgical site infection. This difference was found to be insignificant with P = 0.14. Three patients in the placebo group developed deep surgical site infection but on analysis, this difference was also found to be insignificant with P = 0.122. None of these patients required mesh removal. Conclusion: The result of the present study suggests that the use of prophylactic antibiotics during mesh repair of primary inguinal hernias does not give any extra protection from infections. Multicenter meta-analysis is required to give definite guidelines regarding the use of prophylactic antibiotics.