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Clinical Features and Pattern of Presentation of Breast Diseases in Surgical Outpatient Clinic of a Suburban Tertiary Hospital in South-West Nigeria

Babatunde A Ayoade
Adedayo O Tade
Babatunde A Salami


Objective: To characterize the clinical features and pattern of presentation of breast diseases as observed in our practice. Materials and Methods: A prospective study of 121 consecutive patients with breast complaints presenting in our Surgical Outpatient Clinics. The relevant data were collected by two surgeons using the prescribed forms and was analyzed using Epi Info 2003, Mann–Whitney (test of two groups) Chi-squared and Fishers exact test was used to compare parameters of benign and malignant groups. P value <0.05 was considered as significant. Results: One hundred and nineteen patients were females, two were males. The age range was 14–70 years. Forty two (34.7%) patients were in the 21–30 year age group. The commonest symptoms were breast lump in 111 (91.7%) patients, and breast pain in 28 (23.1%) patients. Breast pain was a significant presenting complaint in patients with breast malignancy (P=.026). On clinical examination 103 (85.1%) patients had palpable lumps, and seven patients were normal. Forty four patients (36.3%) had malignant disease, seventy patients (57.8%) had benign breast diseases and seven were normal. Fifty nine of the 70 benign diseases were fibroadenoma. One hundred and three patients (85%) had appropriate therapy, while 18 patients (14.8%), including eight with malignant disease absconded. Conclusion: In the study, a breast lump was the commonest clinical feature of breast disease. Over 60% of these were benign. Breast pain was a statistically significant presentation in patients with malignant breast disease. One in seven of the patients absconded.

Keywords: Breast lumps, breast malignancy, breast pain, fibroadenoma

Nigerian Journal of Surgery, Jan-Jun 2012 | Volume 18 | Issue 1