Brain arteriovenous malformations: Report of a case

  • O Adeyinka
  • PO Ibinaiye


Brain Arteriovenous Malformation (BAVM) is a form of congenital vascular malformation that are present at birth, and may be evident clinically, and usually will grow commensurately with the child. We report an adult ,a 40-year-old woman with brain arteriovenous malformation presenting with headache and epileptic seizures. CT scan demonstrated a Serpinginous enhanced brain lesion and angiography further supported the diagnosis with presence of tortuous, dilated and arterio-venous communicating cerebral vessels. These findings were later confirmed at surgery and supported with histology.

Nigerian Journal of Surgical Research Vol. 7(1&2) 2005: 216–219

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eISSN: 1595-1103