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The anatomic pattern of fractures and dislocations among accident victims in Owerri, Nigeria

IO Okoro
CO Ohadugha


BACKGROUND: Some studies have described the pattern of limb fractures and dislocation in Nigeria. However, with recent increase in vehicle and motorbike transport, we aimed to describe the pattern to
note any differences from previous reports.
METHODS: This was a retrospective study of all patients with accidental fractures and dislocations treated at the Federal Medical Centre Owerri between January 2000 and December 2003.
RESULTS: A change in the major causative factors was observed as Road Traffic Accident (RTA) is now the major cause of injuries accounting for 72 percent of all cases. Fall from height was previously
the major cause. In adults the tibia was the most frequently fractured bone accounting for 28.9 percent of all fractures while the femur was mostly involved in children accounting for 35 percent of all fractures. Again, different from previous reports lower limb fractures occurred in over 70 percent of cases while upper limb fractures accounted for only 20 percent.
CONCLUSION: There is a major change in both the causative factors and pattern of fractures among accident victims in Nigeria.

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