Outcome of undiagnosed traumatic diaphragmatic injuries: A review of our management

  • KG Soro
  • A Coulibaly
  • P Yapo
  • GM Koffi
  • SF Ehua
  • MJB Kanga


The authors relate on the outcomes of traumatic diaphragmatic injuries unknown early. The files of three patients have been reviewed retrospectively. All of them presented early undiagnosed injuries. The first patient had a left diaphragmatic injury consecutive to a stab wound to the left hypochondrium. The diagnosis was made 18 days later. He died 2 days after operation because of septicaemia. The second patient presented a colonic strangulation through a left diaphragmatic rupture consecutive to a stab wound three years before. A resection and anastomosis to the colon was performed. The patient left the hospital with a definitive pachypleuritis. The third patient was admitted for blunt trauma to the chest with dyspnoea. The chest X-ray showed the diaphragmatic rupture. The peri- operative exploration showed an old rupture with fibrosis banks. The lesion had been respected. The outcomes of early missed traumatic diaphragmatic rupture are various. Their treatment is sometime difficult and dangerous.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1595-1103