Effect of pig manure on nutrient composition, growth and yield of Okra

  • A I Akanbi
  • O S Akanbi
  • S O Ojeniyi


Two field trials were conducted at Ikere Ekiti, Southwest Nigeria to study fertilizing value of pig droppings (manure) in okra (Abelmoschus esculentuss moench) cultivation. The sites of study had low soil organic matter, available P, marginal in N and slightly acidic. Five rates of manure, 0,2.5,5.0,7.5, and 10.0t/ha and NPK (15-15-15) fertilizer } at 200kg/ha were compared as to their effects on leaf nutrient composition, growth and pod yield of okra. Pig manure increased okra leaf nutrient N,P,K Ca and Mg contents, and the nutrients increased with application of manure. NPK fertilizer did not increase leaf Ca and Mg. Pig manure and NPK fertilizer increased number of leaves, plant height, number and weight of okra pods. Although fertilizer gave highest values of growth parameters, pod yield difference between 5.0,7.5,10t/ha were not significantly different. The pod weight increases given by 2.5,5.0,7.5, 10t/ha pig manure and NPK fertilizer were 26,45,53,56 and 57% respectively. It is concluded that pigs manure is suitable as nutrient source for okra.

Nigerian Journal of Soil Science Vol. 17 2007: pp. 109-112

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