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Evaluation of properties of bitumen modified with waste tyre

OJ Oyedepo, SD Oluwajana


The research investigates the properties of bitumen modified with used tyre. Basic tests such as penetration, softening point, viscosity , flash and fire point and ductility test were carried out by using shredded waste tyre which varied from 0% to 20% by weight of 60/70 penetration grade bitumen at 1600C using dry mix method. Penetration value decreased with addition of 20% tyre while increase in softening point, viscosity, flash and fire point were obtained with the corresponding values of 80.90C 250.96 sec and 189/280.120C respectively. However, the values obtained exceeded the minimum values specified by American Standard for Testing and Materials (ASTM). The ductility value obtained with the addition of 6% and 14% tyre are 44.64cm and 40.6cm respectively. Thus, addition of 6% tyre content to bitumen is however suggested for best ductility value.

Keywords: Bitumen, Waste Tyre, Penetration, Softening Point, Viscosity, Ductility
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