Review of Trenchless Technologies’ Successes and their Dependence on Precise Geotechnical Investigation

  • JC Ezeokonkwo
  • CU Nwoji
Keywords: trenchless technology, geotechnical investigation, open-cut, construction techniques, project


Geotechnical investigators are among the first to assess the physical setting of a project. Geotechnical investigations are performed to ascertain the character and variability of the strata underlying the site of the proposed structure and to assess those properties, which may affect the performance of the structure and the choice of method of construction. Deficient geotechnical investigations, faulty interpretation of results, or failure to portray results in a clearly understandable manner may contribute to inappropriate designs; delays in construction schedules, costly construction modifications, and use of substandard borrow material, environmental damage to the site, post construction remedial work, and even failure of a structure and subsequent litigation. Trenchless technology can be defined as the use of construction methods to install and repair underground infrastructure without digging a trench or open cutting. Trenchless projects should never been seen as a simple process but should always be seen as “site specific”. Geotechnical is one area in which certain characteristics can change rapidly. Knowing the sub-ground structure that the proposed borehole is to be constructed in, can significantly alter the parameters, design and type of construction method, site location, methodology, costs and expected construction time frame needed to complete the project successfully.

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