Microprocessor Controlled Capacitor Bank Switching System for Smart Distribution Networks

  • JO Egwaile
  • FO Osayamen
Keywords: voltage profile, capacitor bank, distribution network, microprocessor.


In this work, analysis and development of a microprocessor controlled capacitor bank switching system for deployment in a smart distribution network was carried out. This system was implemented by the use of discreet components such as resistors, capacitors, transistor, diode, automatic voltage regulator, with the PIC16F876A microcontroller programmed in micro basic language serving as the main control centre. The microcontroller sends the relevant control signals to the relays to either switch on or switch off the banks when the voltage fall outside allowable limits. When the voltage returns to normal, it also switches off the capacitor banks to avoid overcompensating the lines. On test, the circuit was able to switch on the capacitor bank automatically when the voltage on the line drops below the preset value, thus helping to ensure that the voltage on the line stays within the acceptable value. It is strongly recommended that utility companies adopt this technology to address the problem of poor voltage profiles on the lines.

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