Performance of Metakaolin as Partial Replacement of Cement in Hot Mix Asphalt

  • AA Murana
  • AT Olowosulu
  • S Ahiwa
Keywords: Hot Mix Asphalt, Marshall Method, Bitumen, Metakaolin, Cement


Metakaolin is one mineral admixture that appears to have significant potential for the production of high strength and high performance concretes. This work investigates the performance of asphalt concrete containing Metakaolin partially replaced with cement. Oxide composition test on Metakaolin, tests on aggregates and cement, bitumen tests (consistency test) were carried out. Several mix containing different percentages of Metakaolin and ordinary Portland Cement was prepared to evaluate its strength using Marshall Stability Method of pavement design. It was found that at varying percentages of bitumen content, the stability, flow, voids in mixed aggregates and void in the mix meets the standard specified with an optimum bitumen content of 5.5%.

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eISSN: 2467-8821
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