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Suitability of Polyvinyl Waste Powder as Partial Replacement for Cement in Concrete Production

E Ikponmwosa, C Fapohunda, S Ehikhuenmen


This work presents the results of investigation conducted to assess the suitability of polyvinyl waste powder (PWP) as partial replacement of cement in the production of concrete.B Up to 50% by weight of cement was replaced with PWP at interval of 10%. The parameters investigated are: the chemical composition of polyvinyl waste powder (PWP) and the setting times of cement-polyvinyl paste. Also investigated in concrete containing polyvinyl powder were: workability, density, compressive strength, and tensile strength. The results showed that polyvinyl waste powder (PWP) has a pozzolanic effect by the consideration of strength activity index, and higher compressive strength than the control specimens for replacement level up to 20%, and up to 30% cement resulted in higher splitting strength. Further inclusion of polyvinyl waste powder (PWP) increased the setting times of cement-PWP paste, and resulted in a reduction in concrete workability as the replacement value of cement with PWP increased. From these results, it can be concluded that polyvinyl waste powder (PWP) is suitable as partial replacement of cement at the replacement levels considered in the current investigation.
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