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Ballistic Performance of a Quenched and Tempered Steel Against 7.62mm Calibre Projectile

OM Sanusi, JO Akindapo


In this research effort, ballistic performance of a quenched and tempered steel was investigated. Low alloy steel was selected where austenization, quenching and finally tempering at 600oC were applied to it. Thereafter, the heat-treated steel was shot with armour piercing 7.62 mm calibre and the occurrence of failure, after the interaction between the projectile and the steel, was investigated. The shot was performed at zero degree (0º) obliquity with a projectile velocity of 830m/s. After the shot, microstructural and fractographical examinations were carried out on the sample taken from the perforated region using scanning electron microscopes to determine the matrix phase and secondary phases. It was observed that the steels had tempered martensitic-bainitic matrices after heat treatments; a crater was formed on the front side of the steel; deformed and transformed adiabatic shear bands had an effect on the crack formation and propagation in the matrix; and perforation mode of the steels was typical petalling.
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