Optimal Selection of Hydraulic Turbines for Small Hydro Electric Power Generation – A Case Study of Opeki River, South Western Nigeria

  • IA Adejumobi
  • DI Shobayo
Keywords: optimal selection, SHP turbine, flow duration curve, energy efficiency, annual capacity factor


The overall net annual energy production from Small Hydro Power (SHP) scheme using stream flow or run-of-water is usually depend on the water height (head), stream flow (discharge) and  turbine efficiency. However, experience has shown that the annual capacity of the plant which is a measure of what the machine can deliver throughout the year without interruption is usually in conflict with theoretical power rated output when analysed with different turbines and subjected to the same values of the above mentioned variables. This work provided a platform for optimum selection of SHP turbine for optimum power output that can be sustained throughout the year. Conventional power Equations, seven years of mean daily flow and a medium range of gross head of Opeki River, Ogun State, Nigeria were used to develop Flow Duration Curve (FDC) and annual energy production of a proposed SHP power plant.  A net head of 37m and reserved flow of 2.97 m3/s was used. Seven hydraulic turbines were examined using their permissible efficiencies. Results from the analysis showed that turbines that gave maximum and minimum power outputs respectively did not imply maximum and minimum annual capacities. The study indicates the usefulness of this work as a guide for SHP scheme.


Computer, Telecommunications, Software, Electrical & Electronics Engineering

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eISSN: 2467-8821
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