Application of Lyapunov's Second Method in the Stability Analysis of Oil/Gas Separation Process

  • UT Itaketo
  • SOE Ogbogu
  • GA Chukwudebe
Keywords: Lyapunov's method, non-linear systems, dynamic states, stability, crude oil, real-life process.


In this paper, Lyapunov's method for determining the stability of non-linear systems under dynamic states is presented. The paper highlights a practical application of the method to investigate the stability of crude oil/natural gas separation process. Mathematical state models for the separation process, used in the application, are developed and presented in the paper. From the results obtained, some guidelines are recommended for a safe and efficient practice of separation of oil + water from oil + water + gas mixture in a crude oil process separator without getting into process instability. The recommended guidelines will be found useful in the oil and gas industry for safe and efficient oil and gas production business.

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eISSN: 2467-8821
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