Damaging Effects of Dieldrex-20 on the Compressive Strength of Concrete

  • JC Ezeokonkwo
Keywords: Dieldrex -20, compressive strength, concrete, termite


Destruction of properties by termites is a serious concern to the construction industry in Nigeria. Various insecticides are in use notably the dieldrex-20, used in aqueous solution by impregnation or the soil with repellent around the periphery or foundations. But local contractors do not apply the chemical as recommended: rather they mix it with concrete. This inappropriate use of Dieldrex-20 by local contractors has prompted this investigation to highlight the dangers inherent in such practice. Analysis of the results showed that as the percentage of aqueous solution of dilclrex-20 increases, the compressive strength of concrete decreases. This decrease is independent of concrete grade and age. It also showed that the 5 per cent aqueous solution of dieldrex-20 recommended dosage should be strictly adhered to in the production of termite resistant concrete, as dosage in excess of this could adversely affect the compressive strength of concrete.

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eISSN: 2467-8821