Analysis of the Environmental and Socio-Economic Impact of Noise Pollution in Eleme Petrochemical Company Limited

  • EI Nwali
  • JC Agunwamba


The impact of noise on the staff of Eleme Petrochemical Company Limited (EPCL), third parties, and resident/host communities was studied. Data collection involved physical identification of noise sources and spot reading of noise levels at 1.0m from source. The spatial measurements along the selected routes and estimate of dispersion rates were carried out. About one hundred and eight (108) noise sources were identified and subsequently grouped in terms of equipment types as: air cooler/fans (47%), pumps (37%), compressors (6%, and office areas and others (10%). In spatial variation of noise level measurements, eight (8) routes were identified numbering A Hand a total of 6.32 kilometers of distance and 523 point locations were covered. The measurements were taken at 25 meters interval for a period of four days. In addition to noise level measurements for equipment (noise sources), spot readings were equally taken at the office buildings and other designated areas. Also, questionnaires were administered to 100 workers whose daily activities expose them to different levels of noise at different durations. Results showed that the exposure of workers to noise levels were high to very high in all the areas apart from the office areas. Also, several of the workers suffer from various noise-induced sicknesses and their levels of productivity have been reduced by 31.4% on the average. Urgent measures for curtailment of noise and ultimate protection of the worker's health were presented. Low use of the available earmuffs showed the need to educate all categories of EPCL staff on the dangers of noise pollution.

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