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Directional Considerations for Extreme Wind Climatic Events in the Transmission Line Design

BO Anyaka


This paper takes a look at the importance and role of probability concepts structural design of transmission line. The reliability of transmission structure is clearly a function of the maximum loads that may be imposed over the useful life of the structure. These loads are, more often than not, caused by the extreme atmospheric events to which the line is exposed. Because the extreme wind speed and direction are impossible to predict exactly, and any prediction is subject to uncertainties, the reliability of the line may be assumed only in terms of the probability that the available strength will be adequate to withstand the lifetime maximum load. A spatial interpolation approach was used to correlate the meteorological wind speeds data. The statistical analysis of the data results in a Gumbel Type 1 distribution. Sample fit plot, directional wind speed plots and probability density function plots are also presented.

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