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Dynamic Modeling of Natural Convection Solar Energy Flat Plate Collector for Agricultural Driers Ii - Validation of Solution Equations

DVC Onuoha


The analytical solutions to the dynamic model of an air-heating flat plate solar energy thermal collector were validated by direct measurement from a physical model constructed for that purpose, of the temperatures of the cover and absorber plates, the inlet and outlet fluids, and the ambient air from morning to evening for four different days at 1800s intervals.

A plot of the measured plates and fluid outlet temperatures showed the values to be very close to those of the analytical dynamic model, the small differences being attributable to the attenuation produced by cloud cover, mist, fog, and rain for the real collector and clear sky conditions for the model. The developed output expressions (in closed form) for the dynamic model of flat plate solar energy air heating collectors can easily be used for optimization studies and design of better air heating solar energy collectors. (SSSCA means "Single Glazing, Single Pass, and Single Flow Air Heating Collector with Flow between the cover and Absorber Plates".)

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