Appraisal and Reliability of Variable Engagement Model Prediction for Fibre Reinforced Concrete

  • OS Abejide
Keywords: Fibre reinforced concrete, model, reliability.


The variable engagement model based on the stress - crack  opening displacement relationship and, which describes the behaviour of randomly oriented steel fibres composite subjected to uniaxial tension has been evaluated so as to determine the safety indices associated when the fibres are subjected to pullout and with or without bending during fracture. Results indicate that the model as used is very safe for the prediction of fibre reinforced concrete and with associated small or negligible failure probabilities, since safety indices ranged between 25 and 160 for fibres fracture without bending, while it ranges between 2 and 4 for fibres fracture with pullout and bending. Also, the associated failure probabilities of fibres with bending are from 0.5 × 10-4 to 0.14 ×10-2.

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