Suitability of Saw Dust Ash-Lime Mixture for Production of Sandcrete Hollow Blocks

  • ST Tyagher
  • JT Utsev
  • T Adagba
Keywords: Sandcrete blocks, Saw-dust ash, Cement, Water-cement ratio, Strength


The use of saw-dust ash (SDA) mixed with 45% slaked lime for production of sandcrete hollow blocks was investigated. The aim was to determine the percentage SDA lime and water-cement ratio that would give the 28-day maximum strength. Saw dust was burnt and the ash sieved using a 150 micrometer sieve. The ash mixed with 45% slake lime was used to partially replace ordinary Portland cement (OPC) in various proportions. Fifteen blocks for each proportion were moulded using the mix of 1:8 and water-cement ratio of 0.50. Sprinkling of water on the blocks commenced after three days. The blocks were cured by complete immersion in water at room temperature. Three blocks were tested for strength at each of the ages of 7, 14 and 28 days for each proportion of OPC/SDA-lime. The 90:10 (cement: SDA-lime) proportion which gave the highest strength was further investigated for various water-cement ratios. It was concluded that for a mix of 1:8, 10% replacement of OPC by SDA-lime gave the maximum strength at water-cement ratio of 0.55 and was recommended for the production of sandcrete hollow blocks. The blocks should be used for low-income housing and non-load bearing walls.
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