Siltation in Reservoirs

  • CN Mama
  • FO Okafor
Keywords: reservoir model, siltation, sediment, catchment, sediment transport


In most recent times, both nation with sound technological background and those without are beginning to show great concern on issues related to reservoir siltation, especially those nation with limited available water and those whose water sources are mainly from dams created reservoirs. This research work tries to highlight the implications of siltation on reservoir and consequently its eects on human resources. It is also intended to make known to the general public that though siltation cannot be totally eliminated, it can be controlled by employing some practices. This work goes further to make some recommendations towards minimization of reservoir siltation to a very manageable extent. Calls have been made to the government through various media to assist its populace in combating this nagging problem. It was concluded that sediment maximum  accumulation is experienced in reservoir during the periods of maximum  low.
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eISSN: 2467-8821
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