New Topology For Single-Phase, Three-Level, SPWM VSI with LC Filter

  • CI Odeh
  • MU Agu
Keywords: SPWM inverter, Frequency, single-phase, Harmonics


Multilevel inverters that provide more than two levels of voltage to achieve less distorted dc-ac conversion have attracted many contributors. This paper presents a new simplied topology for single-phase, sinusoidal pulse width modulated (SPWM) three-level SPWM voltage source inverter (VSI) with LC filter. To keep the power circuit component count to a minimum, the proposed three-level topology simplies the conventional three-level inverter conguration to that of a full-bridge, two-level inverter, with only one added auxiliary power switch. Operational principles, with switching functions are analyzed. The performance characteristics of the proposed inverter are predicted using simulation process in simplorer schematic environment. Assessment of the proposed inverter is done by comparing it with the conventional single-phase, two and three level SPWM inverter under the conditions of identical supply dc voltage, switching frequency
and loading.
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eISSN: 2467-8821
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