Perception of Communication Network Fraud Dynamics by Network Administrators and Stakeholders

  • IFC Onah
  • HC Inyiama
Keywords: fraud dynamics, perception index, quantitative analysis


The massive growth of electronic commerce represent a new set of vulnerabilities aimed at the distortion, disruption, and destruction of the global and national information infrastructures, and are indeed significant threats to the integrity of networked systems. This paper investigates the perception of communication network fraud dynamics by network administrators and stakeholders. In considering the implications of the varied nature of the potential targets, the paper identifies the view to develop effective intelligence analysis methodologies for network fraud detection and prevention by network administrators and stakeholders. The paper further notes that organizations are fighting an increasingly complex battle for higher stakeholders, and thus require a greater, enterprise-wide understanding of the threats they face, across all operations and in all territories. In order to establish the appropriateness of the audience, this paper presents an analysis of the interview randomly administered. Informed opinion about the perception index of network administrators and stakeholders is analyzed.

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eISSN: 2467-8821
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