Blending of Nsu and Ibeku Clays: A Solution Towards the Replacement of GP 107-3 Refractory Brick in the Metallurgical Industry

  • CC Daniel-Nkpume
  • P Offor
  • SO Obiorah
Keywords: Thermo-physical properties, Ibeku-clay, metallurgical industry, aluminosilicate refractories.


This study has compared the thermo-physical properties of local content refractories produced from blends of Ibeku and Nsu Clay deposits of Nigeria with an imported clay product, GP 107-3 aluminosilicate refractories of Germany. The properties considered are apparent porosity, bulk density, linear shrinkage, cold crushing strength, refractoriness, thermal shock resistance. The results revealed that some of the blends of the Ibeku and Nsu refractory bricks produced can suitably substitute for the imported aluminosilicate refractories utilized in metallurgical and allied industries. Ibeku sample enhanced the thermo- physical properties of Nsu sample.

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eISSN: 2467-8821
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