Mathematical Model for the Optimization of Compressive Strength of Laterized Sandcrete Blocks

  • BO Mama
  • NN Osadebe
Keywords: sandcrete block, compressive strength, laterite, scheffe’s theory, Osadebe’s theory


In Nigeria, sandcrete blocks commonly used in the construction industry has been identified by researchers as being expensive because of the cost of its constituent components especially cement and fine aggregate (sharp river sand).This has necessitated research effort towards finding alternative materials to replace both the cement and sand either wholly or partially without adverse effect on the strength properties of the sandcrete blocks. This work applied Scheffe’s regression formulations to obtain mathematical model of the compressive strength of sandcrete block of alluvial deposit for various mix proportions as multivariate functions with the proportions of sandcrete ingredients serving as variables. These mathematical models are adopted for optimization of strength of sandcrete block in compression. With the model, any desired strength of sandcrete block, given any mix proportions, is easily evaluated. Basic Language is used in the development of the computer program. The maximum compressive strength predicted by the model is 2.07 N/mm2which supports the finding of Osili [1] that says the compressive strength should be 2.07N/mm2 for 2 or 3 storey buildings.

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