Automatic Time Regulator for Switching on an Aeration Device for Aquacultural Production Systems

  • CC Anyadike
  • GN Ajah
  • CC Mbajiorgu
Keywords: automation, aeration, aquacultural systems


Automation allows machines and systems to control themselves and perform their tasks in a productive, effcient, and accurate manner with minimal human inter-vention. Aeration devices such as air pump are used to supplement dissolved oxygen in aquaculture systems so as to maintain dissolved oxygen optimum standard. The need to aerate the pond at odd hours due to diurnal limit, save cost and human labor, necessitated the design of an automatic time regulator circuit, which controls the switching on and o of an aeration device at a pre determined and selected time interval (5mins., 10mins., 20mins., 30mins., and 40mins.) This design, though limited to ve time intervals, switches on and o an aeration device with little human intervention, thereby providing an automated solution of aerating any aquacultural production system.
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