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Following persistent requests from authors and on the approval of the stakeholders of NIJOTECH, we have created four sections for the journal commencing from this first issue of 2015.


Yes, this Volume 34, Number 1 that will appear online around the New Year will be such that the 26 papers will be classified roughly into four sections. They are:


Section A: Building, Civil, Environmental, Geotechical & Water Resources Engineering


Section B: Chemical, Industrial, Materials, Mechanical, Metallurgical, Petroleum & Production Engineering


Section C: Computer, Telecommunications, Electrical & Electronics Engineering


Section D: Agricultural, Bioresources, Biomedical & Food Engineering


In this issue, section A has 12 articles while sections B and C each has 7 articles. There was no entry for section D in this issue but in the forthcoming issues, it is likely that there will be some articles.

We understand there may never be any kind of exhaustive grouping in which every aspect of engineering and technology will be listed but we also know that most of the new areas emanate from the basic ones listed. And we have not forgotten that history tell us that Civil Engineering was the first. Sub-groupings (within the fields of each area in a section) will be accounted for in the online versions while entering the metadata in the relevant fields.

In view of the multi-disciplinary nature of technology research these days, we decided that keywords, title and abstract normally dictate the section in which an article is classified, not the author’s affiliation. These groupings were done for clearer indexing and for gathering papers in related areas together. We believe this is a good ingredient for indexing. Peer review is strengthened and we plan that it will be faster.

While I thank you for reading, I will welcome responses that I will publish in the next subsequent issues in this column.



Engr. Prof. E. S. Obe,


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