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Directional well trajectory design: The theoritical development of Azimuth bends and turns in complex well trajectory designs

PO Okpozo, A Peters, WC Okologume


Most complex well trajectories usually have bends and turns. The design requires some considerations to be made from the structure of subsurface formations to be drilled, to the available technology and equipment, as well as economics. When a complex well trajectory is being worked on, the effect of bends/turns in the azimuth is highly critical and care is taken not to exceed a set maximum tolerable dogleg severity.  In this work, several well trajectories with varying bends and turns were modelled mathematically, for an easy calculation and pre-survey record presentation of a desired complex directional well trajectory, also from which the overall angle change (dogleg) is observed not to exceed a set maximum tolerable dogleg. A scenario was considered with few assumptions using a specially developed application, WellTIT v. 1.0, which assisted in calculating and presenting survey records to express the need for carefully developed bends in a Complex well trajectory design.
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