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Spatial statistics of poultry production in Anambra state of Nigeria: A preliminary for bio-energy plant location modelling

EC Chukwuma, LC Orakwe, DC Anizoba, AI Manumehe


Consequent on the need to utilize bio-wastes for energy generation, a preliminary study for bio-energy plant location modelling was carried out in this work using spatial statistics technique in Anambra State of Nigeria as a case study. Spatial statistics toolbox in ArcGIS was used to generate point density map which reveal the regional patterns of biomass distribution and to generate hotspot analysis of zones of poultry production sites in the study area. The result of the study indicates that the central regions of the state is characterised with high point density poultry production sites, some of the locations with high point density poultry production values include: Ogbaru town which has the highest point density value of above 4,362,480kg of poultry droppings. This is followed by Umuchu, Onitsha, Nise, Nibo and Amawbia, with point density value that ranges from 2,210,250kg to 4,362,480kg. Several hotspots were identified in the central region of the study area, and in the South west region of the study area (where Umuodu, Ogbakuba and Ossomala were located), while the Southern region of the study area is characterized with several coldspots. The hotspots zones and high point density production sites identified in this study should serve as suitable locations for siting bio-energy plants in the study area.
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