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Energy output assessment of Lafia-Obi coal in a fluidized bed combustor

E.O. Ilyas, B.Z. Adewole, S.A. Adio, O.T. Popoola, A.A. Asere


This work investigated the energy output from the fluidized bed combustion of Lafia-Obi coal using five range of fuel equivalent diameters (FED) of 125 μm, 250 μm, 355 μm, 2.5 mm and 5.0 mm. Energy output in response to variation in bed temperature, FED, bed pressure, and fluidizing velocity was examined in the fluidized bed heat exchanger. Results indicated an increase in heat transfer rate by 80, 11 and 25% when 5 mm coal was reduced to 355, 250 and 150 μm respectively. Bed temperature increased by 8% for 355 μm and decreased by 6% when 5.0 mm coal was fired. Higher bed pressure was observed when larger particle sizes (5.0 and 2.5 mm) were fired. This resulted in poor bed temperature and increasing fluidization velocity and thus, reduced steam discharge temperature at the heat exchanger outlet.

Keywords: Lafia-Obi coal, energy output, fluidized bed, particle size, bed temperature, combustion efficiency

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