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Electrical resistivity measurements of carbonized cattle bone/epoxy composite for electrical insulation

A.D. Omah, E.O. Oji, S.C. Madu, E.G. Okonkwo, I.C. Ezema


This research was focused on determining the electrical resistivity of composite materials developed from carbonized and uncarbonized animal cattle bone (CB). The cattle bone was carbonized at 750°C in the absence of oxygen using a heat treatment furnace; after which they were milled into powder and sieved into 150μm, 300μm and 600μm. The epoxy resin used varied from 10wt% to 60wt%. The effect of carbonization on the resistivity properties was studied and used as criteria for the evaluation of the composites. Better enhancement of property was obtained for the composites with lower wt% and smaller particle sizes. Higher resistivity was evident in the uncarbonized samples. The Cube and 3D graphs show the estimated response surface for the composite properties as a function of sample condition, wt%, and particle size. It is also evident from the results that the actual experimental values are in close proximity with the predicted values.

Keywords: carbonization, composite, cow bone, electrical resistivity, electrical insulation

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