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Refurbishment and evaluation of a two-wheeled tractor

J.N. Nwakaire, A.C. Ezeagba, O.C. Ogoegbulem


The refurbishment of GUTBROD-WERKE/80 two-wheeled tractor for better functioning and subsequent field performance evaluation was carried out. Physical and mechanical inspections were done to ascertain the state of the tractor. The observed faults were; rusted and stuck carburetor, damaged induction coil, rusted fuel control, stuck wheels, worn out tires, and no implement attachment base. The faults were corrected by designing coupling flanges for implement attachment; replacement of carburetor and worn-out parts. The tractor was tested by conducting a field evaluation using standard equations and procedure. The results obtained showed that the field efficiency and effective field capacity were 61.50%, and 0.032ha/hr respectively. The fuel consumption was 0.43L/hr at a depth and width of cut of 8.94cm and 27.46cm respectively at an average soil moisture content of 13.2%. The implement draft and drawbar pull were 1.13kN and 0.43kW respectively. The tractor performance shows its suitability for small farm work.

Keywords: two-wheel tractor, refurbishment, effective field capacity, field efficiency
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