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The Screw-Conveyor Vane Design for Piece-Wise Construction

GO Ezekwe


One of the long-used methods of conveying granular, Powdery or slurry material is by the screw conveyor. This method of transport is well suited to some at the needs of local processing Industries based on such local produce as millet, maize, cocoa-beans, rice, palm-kernels. The spiral vanes of such conveyors are manufactured to customers’ specifications by a few steel-rolling industries by a continuous conical-rolling technique in which considerable differential deformation of the steel strip is achieved. Such a method of manufacture is beyond the resources of a general-purpose metal workshop that may require the odd spiral vane once in a while and can neither afford the time nor the cost of ordering from abroad. In this article the method of six blanks which the author has developed for the building up of the vane progressively from blanks is presented.

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