Temperature Dependent Models of Semiconductor Devices for Computer Aided Analysis of Electronic Transducers

  • Tadeusz Sidor


The paper presents an investigation of the temperature dependent model of a diode and bipolar transistor built-in to the NAP-2 program and comparison of these models with experimentally measured characteristics of the BA 100 diode and BC 109 transistor. The detail of the modelling technique has been discussed and final results presented. The Electronic Circuits Analysis NAP-2 Program has been recently installed in the University of Nigeria Computing Centre through the courtesy of Institute of Circuit Theory and Telecommunication, Technical University of Denemark and the great effort of the Computing Centre staff especially Mr. A. McIntosh who adopted the program to the capability of the existing installation.

Author Biography

Tadeusz Sidor
Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Nigeria, Nsukka

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eISSN: 2467-8821
print ISSN: 0331-8443