Gap acceptance and driver behaviour at intersections in Minna, north central Nigeria.

  • PN Ndoke
  • SS Kolo
Keywords: Gap Acceptance, critical gap, driver, behaviour, intersections


The headways,· spacing distributions and gap acceptance were measured from two main intersections in Minna, Centrar Nigeria.The average critical gap and spacing for stadium junction are 2.39 seconas and 11.08m respectively, and that of Mustapha hospital junction are 2~28 seconds and 9.56m respectively. The gap size at the 1ntersections ranges between 1 and 57 seconds. Drivers accept gaps ranging from 2.89 to 3.72 seconds with an average of 3.2 seconas at Mustapha hospital junction and the average time of movement is 2.06 seconds. Similarly,· drivers accept gaps ranging from 3.60 seconds and · 4.5 seconds with an average of 4.05 seconds at Stadium Junction, and the average time of movement is 2.69 seconds. Comparing these values with the respective critical gaps from the Highway Capacity Manual shows that only values from stadium junction get close. This shows that the delays at the intersections are due mostly to driver impatience and intolerance which at times lead to accidents at the intersections. Hence, it can be concluded that traffic accidents at the intersections are due mostly to driver judgment rather than gap availability.

Keywords: Gap Acceptance, critical gap, driver, behaviour, intersections


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eISSN: 2437-2110
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