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Assessing transportation and road conditions in niger state, nigeria using geoinformatics, with focus on impact of climate variability and change

IC Onuigbo
B Adewuyi


The importance of transportation was established in the study. Also the impacts of climate change on transportation were highlighted. Transportation itself was found to be contributing to climate change through the emissions of Carbon from vehicles. Road transport sector is a significant and growing contributor to green house emissions which scientists have linked to be the major cause of global warming. Road deterioration database was generated in the study. Multimedia road deterioration database was developed. Modelling of the environmental factors affecting roads was done, and multiple regression equations were developed. The analysis showed the effects of the environmental factors on roads. It was found that environmental and climatic factors contribute to road deterioration. Recommendations were made on how to monitor road conditions and improve on road transportation in the study area.

Key Words: Geoinformatics, Climate Change, Global Warming, Transportation, Database