Studies on four cultivars of groundnut (Arachis hypogeae) grown in Mubi, Adamawa State of Nigeria

  • B.P. Mshelmbula
  • B.F. Jummai
  • S.M. Mallum
  • R Zacharia
Keywords: Groundnuts, germination, amarya, gargajiya


The choice of Groundnut (Arachis hypogeae.) cultivar suitable for cultivation for either commercial, protein requirements or other reasons is very crucial. This research work was conducted to evaluate the cultivar performance for different purposes. Different cultivars of Groundnut were cultivated and data were collected on number of pod per cultivar, wet weight of pod and crude protein content. They were subjected to mean and standard deviation. Results showed that highest pods were found in Gargajiya (860) while lowest number of pod was obtained in Amariya (116), Kampala had the highest mean plant height of 18.22cm while amarya recorded the least (16.82cm). Amarya and Gargajiya had the highest dry pod weight (5.8 and 5.7) respectively while Sebia recorded the least (3.3). Kampala had the least crude protein content among the cultivars (28.68%). Amarya and Sabiya recorded 31.56% and 30.70% crude protein respectively while Gargajiya cultivar had the highest crude protein content of 33.47%.

Keywords: Groundnuts, germination, amarya, gargajiya


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print ISSN: 0795-5111