Annular Flow of an Incompressible MHD Third Grade Fluid in a Rotating Concentric Cylinders with Isothermal Walls and Joule Heating

  • B.I. Obi
  • G.T Okedayo
  • M. Jiya
  • Y. M. Aiyesimi
Keywords: Incompressible MHD, isothermal wall, Joule heating.


In this paper, we considered the flow of an incompressible MHD third grade fluid in the annulus of concentric rotating cylinders with isothermal wall and Joule heating. The flow was assumed to be induced by the axial pressure gradient. The resulting governing equations of flow were solved using the regular perturbation method. Results showed that at an angular velocity ω =1.0 the velocity of the fluid tended to be at equilibrium but with ω <1.0 the velocity was drastically reduced and when ω>1.0 it became greatly enhanced. Furthermore, it was shown that the temperature reduces by increasing angular velocity and Brinkman number.

Keywords: Incompressible MHD, isothermal wall, Joule heating.


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print ISSN: 0795-5111