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Climate-smart agricultural practice usage and profitability of dry season leafy vegetable farmers in some selected LGAs in Kwara State

Ivie L. Olagherea
Kehinde K. Osasona
Latifah J. Issa


This paper sought to assess the CSAP used among dry season leafy vegetable farmers, estimate the profitability, and identify
the constraints faced in the usage of CSAP. Data were collected from 120 randomly selected farmers. Descriptive statistics,
net profit analysis, and Likert-type scale were used for data analyses. Crop rotation was the most prevalent practice while,
terracing was the least used. The farmers spent almost half of their gross receipts from leafy vegetable production as
operating expenses while yet still guaranteed to get 83 kobo on every one naira invested. The absence of conservative water
management practices was the most severe constraint among the farmers. The study concluded that all the respondents used
at least one CSAP and leafy vegetable production was profitable. It was recommended that the usage of CSAP could be
increased among the farmers by motivating farmer trainers to train more groups and support the farmers with improved
seeds and other necessary resources.

Keywords: climate change, constraints, leafy vegetables, mitigation strategies, return to capital invested