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Solid Waste Management and Transport Route Optimization Using Geographic Information System in Lagos Metropolis, Nigeria

Oluwaseyi Joseph Afolabi


With an unprecedented population and rapid urbanization, the solid waste collection and transportation has become a major challenge in Lagos metropolis. The main objective of the study was to optimize routes for solid waste collection and disposal using Geographic Information System (GIS) in order to improve solid waste management system in Lagos metropolis. Data on the GIS Network Analyst was used to determine movements between the transfer loading stations and the landfills to determine the collection time, travel distances, optimized routes and alternative routes for solid waste disposal while maximising total solid waste collection and disposal for environmental sustainability. Based on the findings, the study therefore recommends possible interventions such as regular collection of solid waste, proper management of the transfer loading stations and landfills, and that the collection of solid waste should be given more attention because it is important in the development of cities.

Keywords: Solid wastes, Transportation, Route Optimization, GIS, Lagos metropolis