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Economic analysis of smoked – dried fish marketing in Akinyele Local Government Area of Oyo State, Nigeria

A. Adeoye
A. O. Ayanboye
A. A. Oyeleye
S. A. Amao
A. M. Taiwo


Increased production of fish without increase in processing and marketing may lead to wastage of resources; therefore this study examined the economics analysis of smoked dried fish marketing in Akinyele LG, Oyo state, Nigeria. Multi-stage random sampling technique was used in data collection which was analyzed by descriptive and inferential statistics. The majority (90%) of the respondents were female with a mean age of 38 years; about 70% of the respondents were married and had formal education with an average household size of six persons. The majority did not belong to any marketing cooperative. The marketing margin was estimated at 42.43%, the gross margin profitability was N 913,000 per annum and the Benefit Cost Ratio was N 1.5. Major constraint include lack of capital, poor storage facility, poor transportation network while the size of production, cooperative association and educational level had a positive effect on the profitability of smoked fish marketing. Thus, marketers must form cooperative societies to get access to credit loans thereby increase profit. Also, provision of improved infrastructure such as modern processing equipment, good road network to increase the profitability of the marketers.