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Development and characterization of hydrocarbon adsorbent from nylon and used tyre

M Auta
PE Dim


Raw materials obtained from a local market were used for the production of potential adsorbent. The materials were subjected to preliminary  carbonization in a furnace at a controlled temperature in an inert atmosphere and chemical activation was carried out on the carbonized sample. Nylon and used tyre were characterized. Reference carbon was also used to compare the surface area of nylon and tyre. The surface areas of the experimental carbon were compared with that of commercial activated carbon of known surface area (1200m2/g). The surface area of the used tyre (954m2/g) has the best
adsorptive property which is very close to that of reference carbon.

Keywords: Activated Carbon, Carbonization, Hydrocarbon adsorbent, Nylon, and Used tyre.