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Effect of parent breed on phenotypical expression (colouration) in progeny of Poecilia reticulate (guppy) for ornamental purpose

SO Olayimika


There is high demand for ornamental fishes with improve colouration. Colouration is sex specific in Poecilia reticulate (Guppy) and the colour variation within the wild and exotic breeds is at variance. The effect of parental sex and breed on colouration of progeny in Poecilia reticulata (Guppy) was studied. Two breeds of P. reticulata, i.e. exotic and wild, were
crossed in 60cm x 30cm x 30cm aquaria as indicated; male: female - exotic x exotic, exotic x wild, wild x exotic and wild x wild. The progeny of each cross were observed for various colours in form of patches, pattern and spots. There were significant differences in the number of colors observed in male and female progeny of the crosses. It was observed that the female progeny of male wild X female exotic produced the highest (P<0.05) colourations while male progenies of exotic X exotic crosses produced the highest (P<0.05) number of colours among the female and male offspring, respectively. It was also found that the females were not having the brilliant distinct colours experiential in male. It was therefore concluded that the breed of the male parent influenced phenotypic expression in the progeny.

Key words: breed, progeny, exotic, wild, colour
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