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Child Sexual Abuse in Minna, Niger State Nigeria

I Abdulkadir
HH Musa
LW Umar
S Musa
WA Jimoh
M Aliyu Na'uzo


Background: Child sexual abuse is a widespread form of child abuse that has remained the most under-reported. In our communities, much remains unknown of this act which often leaves victims traumatised with unsavoury memory that tends to affect their psychosocial development. The study evaluted the socio-demographic features and the nature of sexual abuse as seen in the outpatient department of general hospital Minna, Niger state.

Patients and Methods: The case notes of patients who presented to the General Out-patient Department (GOPD) of General Hospital Minna were analysed for cases, of sexual assault, sexual abuse or rape seen between January 2008 and December 2008.

Results: A total of 32 cases were seen, 90.1% of whom were children less than 17 years old; 75% were aged 6 – 15 years. All the cases were of the penile penetrative type (vaginal in girls and anal in boys). All the perpetrators were adult males known to, and resident in, the neighbourhood of their victims.

Conclusion: There is need to build the capacity of health care providers to enable them manage child sexual abuse and its long-term effects in Minna.